About Us

Hi, we're Flo and Anna, the humans behind SammyMerlin. Everything you find in our shop is created, handcrafted and shipped by ourselves.

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Our story

Everything started back in 2014 out of a fun idea: How cute would our cats, Sammy and Merlin, look with a bow tie? We wanted to try it out, but couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. 
Out of one of my old skirts, with the help of Grandma's old sewing machine, the first bow tie was made. Our boys didn't mind meowdeling it for us – probably because of the treats they got in return, they actually loved it. So their wardrobe grew. The bow ties got better and better, and after many sweet compliments about our cats in bow ties photos on Social Media (yes! Of course our boys had their own Instagram! ;)), the idea of opening a shop popped up in our minds quickly. We then entered a stage of planning, discussing, and working, working, working. A few weeks later, we were online and – to our big suprise – sold our first item shortly after.

This is where we make your items.


Since then our business grew and evolved. We quickly noticed that bow tie making was fun, but we wanted more. We wanted to create collars, that are soft, sturdy and safe for the kitties, wanted to create Catnip and Valerian toys that are durable, but don't look boring, and what about all the dogs out there who might need a fancy collar too?
I grew up with dogs around, so of couse we wanted to use the skills we developed in making cat products to create a dog line! Seeing dogs in our collars makes me super happy, sspecially since I am currently not able to share my life with an own dog.
We live and breathe for our shop, what started out of a fun idea, has now become a real big or probably biggest part of our daily life. And we still enjoy every single step of the process: searching the whole world for the best possible supplies and the cutest fabrics, designing, sewing, and creating new products.

Our studio smiley

Sammy, Merlin and all other four leged friends in our life inspire us every day.
We love them so much, and we know that many other cat and other pet owners feel the same. So we do our best to offer fun, stylish and unique accessories, that both humans and their furry family members enjoy and that make their life even brighter.
It makes us proud and happy that we gained trust of many customers all over the world throughout the years and shipped our items to kitties and dogs in more than 30 countries.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to send us a message! Thanks so much for visiting our shop and taking the time to get to know more about us! :)



Hi, I'm Sammy. I'm passionate product tester for our Catnip and Valerian toys. I also work as plus-size meowdel (I like eating a lot.)

Hi, I'm Merlin. I am in charge here. In my free time I enjoy bellyrubs and chasing Sammy through the flat.

Hi, my name is Theodore, but my humans call me Teddy or Taps. I'm chef supervisor and always there when the humans are working on orders. I loooove the spotlight, so I am also chef model. Basically, the whole crew would be lost without me!

Hi, I'm Knubbel, one of the newest team members. I'm a bundle full of energy and always there to entertain the humans with my antics. When they're stressed I jump right on their arms and give them some kisses to cheer them up. Works every time!

Hi, I'm Sheldon. I turned from a very sick kitten in a talented newcomer meowdel! I love being part of everything, so you will find me next to my humans purring most of the day.​