SammyMerlin Dog Model 2018

In the beginning of August we posted our casting call for the official SammyMerlin Dog Model

SammyMerlin Dog Model 2018

Meet Stacy @stacys_wonderland, our first SammyMerlin dog model ❤ She's a French Bulldog and almost 1,5 years old. This beauty is modeling like a professional and has so much personality in her eyes

Meet the next one of our SammyMerlin dog models, @winniepuuh_ ❤ Due to a little flaw in his tail he was the last one of his litter looking for a home. Luckily his humans thought he was perfect the way he were and took him home. Despite some medical isses throughout the last years, he's living a very happy dachshund life. And of course, he's super handsome

This is Anuk, our third SammyMerlin Dog Model. Anuk is a 4 year old Golden Retriever and sooo handsome! ❤ No wonder that he already has some professional model experience. We can't get enough of his photos. Welcome to the Team, Anuk!

Naoko @naoko_furball is the last official SammyMerlin Model. She and her humans were quite busy the last weeks, so she's joining a little later, but we're super happy that she's completing the team now ❤ Naoko is a beautiful Shibainu who lives in our old hometown Hamburg. Her humans got really creative with her application and I mean... look at her! We couldn't just not pick her